It is important to disclose that Nexus Relocation is not owned by or operating under the canopy of any van line or household goods (HHG) moving company.  What is written here is a cumulative knowledge and education from years of experience and education as a frequent customer.

Moving household goods is a complex process.  At first glance, it seems relatively simple as packing non-living items and putting them on a truck to be driven and delivered to a new location does not require research and testing.  However, you can get a different view if you consider these issues:

  • HHG vans do not travel on established regular routes.  Each move is unique regarding origin and destination.
  • Teams that pack HHG must be physically strong, work quickly and also have good communication skills.
  • Regulations limit the amount of time a driver can travel.  Rest is required.
  • Costs of operating equipment have increased (just like your own gasoline costs).
  • Teams don’t get paid unless they are working, so getting a shipment off the truck as soon as it arrives is important.  The team must then go to the next appointed shipment location.
  • Last minute change requests are difficult to accommodate (see above).
  • Equipment, weather and physical health issues can create delays.  Its just life.
  • People are attached to their belongings.  They want things handled with the utmost care.

The van line industry is currently under-staffed.  The past recession resulted in trained personnel leaving the industry for more predictable and consistent income potential.  With fewer experienced drivers available, it becomes more competitive to adequately compensate them for the physical stress, weather related challenges as well as the separation from family for long periods of time.

Understanding that the entire industry is serving our transferring employees and families on a face-to-face daily basis helps us value and respect their contribution to our programs.