Studies indicate that overall, businesses are entering into a highly competitive environment for obtaining and retaining the best talent for their employee base.  Some business segments are already experiencing stiff competition for recruiting.

Recruiters and job candidates know that the demand for experienced and trained employees creates both the need and the opportunity for relocation benefits to be included in the hiring process.  Candidates who have relocated previously for employment are aware of the time and money required for a move and often negotiate support for their transition in the interviews and job offer process.

As protection for the investment from the employer, most companies require some form of a Payback Agreement to be signed in the event that after relocating the newly hired employee voluntarily leaves the company.

There are many ways to offer realistic support and assistance to help a newly hired employee be productive in the new location.  Open dialog for what the individual needs and what the company wants to contribute goes a long way in building a solid foundation for employee loyalty.