Flexibility Is Our Strong Suit

Nexus understands that companies, programs and policies are developed and put in place to respect the core values of the organization. We also understand that execution needs to be flexible to consider and accommodate the wide variety of specific needs of individuals. We honor the values and remain flexible to work alongside our clients through changes in logistics and locations.


Nexus was a complete joy to work with!! You treated me with respect, streamlined procedures and paperwork, and allowed me to do my job without unnecessary interference

-Indianapolis, IN


I wanted to thank you so very much for your help and support during our crazy relocation! You are very good at what you do and you helped keep me calm. You went out of your way and we greatly appreciate it!

-Chicago, IL


Beginning a new job and moving to a new city can be so stressful! The good people at Nexus have taken much of our stress away by being so pleasant and helpful when we call with questions. In fact, you always seem to be one step ahead of us anticipating our needs and having it already done or having the answer at your finger tips when we do call.”

-Lee’s Summit, MO

Frequently Asked Questions:
My company doesn't have a relocation policy. Where do I start?

Nexus has years of experience helping organizations write a relocation policy that is consistent with the corporate goals, objectives and culture. We can assist you in defining what relocation support you want to offer your associates.

Do you handle all of the relocation details?

Nexus can make all of the arrangements for the move from start to finish. We help with home sale at origin, temporary housing in the new area, homefinding, household goods shipment, auto shipment, and track the costs and progress of the move.

I like being involved in some relocation areas. Can I keep what I like to do and let you do the rest?

To be flexible and helpful to our clients, we offer a menu of services. Some of our clients have totally outsourced the relocation responsibilities to Nexus. Others have retained some of the program internally and ask Nexus to fill in the areas they want outside help to provide.

What makes you different from other relocation companies?

We are a customized relocation company with no contractual ties to any network of realtors or service providers. We are free to choose the best people in any market or area to support the transferee needs. Because we are independent, we award business to professionals who consistently provide the top level of service we require.

Is that better?

We believe it serves our clients in the most efficient and objective manner. We have many years in the relocation business and have chosen to stay unattached because of the independent way we can achieve the highest objectives.

We are looking at a group move. What can you do to help us with that project?

Nexus has worked with small groups moving from anywhere to anywhere. We have also handled large groups of over 800 families moving to new areas. We offer a complete package that includes meetings at origin, tours at destination and all arrangements for the people involved in the transfer.

What are your fees?

Our fees are competitive and vary with the program and assistance you choose. Call us at 913-232-5900 and ask for more information.

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract to get your help?

All work we perform for our clients is authorized by a working contract. However, you are free to call us only when you need our assistance on a move. You can use other relocation service companies and compare our services to theirs. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help your mobility needs.

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