Every relocation home sale program relies on local Realtors for information and expertise.  List Realtors provide services such as:

  • Market analysis for the asking price and strategy
  • Recommendations on condition and staging for showing the home
  • Providing accurate information to MLS and advertising media
  • Ongoing communications during marketing (prospective buyer feedback, other transactions in the area, etc.) of the home
  • Assistance with offer negotiations and inspection concerns
  • Coordinating closing paperwork
  • Keeping corporate clients or third party administrators informed and updated

The selection of the Realtor is a critical decision and can have a direct impact on the home sale experience.

For example:

If the list agent has overpriced the home, it will not generate interest from potential buyers.

If the list agent has avoided the home condition factors, the home will not be at its best for showing

If the agent makes a mistake on the MLS listing, many confusing and frustrating issues can arise.

It is our belief that the Realtors perform a critical role in relocation transactions.  They need to be well informed, educated and committed to the best interests of their clients.

With all of this at stake, we have observed the importance of not charging a large portion of commission to be paid to a relocation company.  Referral fees and commission sharing is normal and part of relocation funding.  But charging a high referral fee and leaving the agent who does so much of the face-to-face work is not productive and can create longer listing times with extended temporary housing needs for the corporation.

Also critical in the home sale process is cooperating and following the expert advice of the list agent.  Homeowners who engage the advice and assistance from a professional in the market have more success in selling their home quickly and for the best terms by listening well and making sure their home is priced right and in show condition.