Fannie Mae has released the June 2014 results of the attitudinal survey that polls the adult US population to assess their attitudes about home ownership, renting a home, the economy and household finances.

The results show (in summary):

Housing Prices:                 Will rise                             46%

Will stay the same           41%

Will lower                            10%


Mortgage Loan Rates:    Will rise                              55%

Will stay the same           35%

Will lower                            10%


70% of the adults surveyed believe it is a good time to buy a home.

40% believe it is a good time to sell a home.

These two figures have overlap because of many factors.  It can be a good time to sell AND to buy.


Is the US economy on the right track?                   39%

Is the US economy on the wrong track?                54%


Home rental prices:        Will rise                               54%

Will stay the same           38%

Will lower                              3%